Mechanisms of Adult Stem Cells

The use of endogenous adult stem cells from your own body (autologous) to treat different diseases is nothing new. Although It is still not fully understood which way the adult stem cells contribute to the healing process but there have been many positive results from it. For a long time it was assumed that the stem cells simply replaced the defective cells. Although it is now argued that it stimulates stem cells to cure the diseased tissue and not to provide for a complete replacement, as research has shown in recent years. If body tissue is damaged, stem cells hunt for the damaged area and advance the process of healing.Adult stem cells have the ability to become different cell types (e.g. nerve cells and heart cells). Studies have shown that these are capable of repairing damaged tissue.

Sources of Stem Cell

There are three major adult stem cells sources. Each patient must be analyzed carefully to understand which optimal stem cell source must be used for the individual patient.

The three main sources of autologous stem cells are:

Cord-Blood derived stem cells:
A powerful and balanced source of the most potent CD34+ (blood forming) and MSCs. This type of stem cells are best suited for tissue regeneration due to the synergistic effect of CD34+ cells’ revascularization characteristics in concert with the tissue repairing function of the mesenchymal stem cells.

Adipose-derived (fat) stem cells:

A rich source of mesenchymal stem cells. This type of stem cells are ideally suited for treating systemic autoimmune and inflammatory conditions. They also play a significant role in regenerating injured tissue. Adipose tissue also contains T-regulatory cells which modulate the immune system.

Bone marrow derived stem cells:
a good source of CD34+ stem cells. This type of stem cells provide support for tissue regeneration via revascularization properties and their ability to support mesenchymal stem cells in the body.

Quality of adult stem cells

The quality of adult stem cells depends on the quality of the bone marrow. The older a person gets, the worse is the division and viability of its stem cells. Many researchers are already convinced that a better result will can be obtained if the stem cells from bone marrow are younger.

The healing potential and limitations of stem cells

Some patients see a striking improvement after treatment with adult stem cells. Some feels and sees improvement hours or a couple of hours after the operations. While on the other hand the same treatment will have no effect on others. Some patient sees gradual improvement over time (sometimes after a couple of months).

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